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"I'm so glad I followed my intuition because Danielle is absolutely incredible at what she does. She offered me so much insight, validation, and guidance based on my astrology that is going to serve me for years to come as I navigate experiences on the horizon."  




Sarah Durham Wilson

Wow, what a gentle divine guide into the realm of vedic astrology. The beautiful blonde goddess Danielle Bertoia took my hand and lead me through the mystical waters of my birth chart, through one illuminated "a ha" moment to another. I have been waiting for the right time to have my chart read vedically, and Im so glad Danielle was my introduction. Clairvoyant, kind, totally loving and supportive, completely without judgement, she's my top choice for a feminine & loving vedic chart read. You'll discover truths about yourself you long felt, but had yet to have confirmed. She encourages questions, and speaks straight to your soul, and empowers your purpose in the world. What a gift from the cosmos she is. So many blessings to a woman who truly honors and utterly devotes herself to her healing gifts.


Katie Burke

Danielle cuts through my distractions and entrapment of trying to be everything to everyone and reminds me who I am and who I am not. With the stars as her guide she gently presents the real talk around my shadows. She tells me what it is time to do and what it is not yet time to do. She doesn’t let me take anything too seriously and reminds me to stay focused on what is going to truly be most impactful for myself and others.


Iris Surrland

Her reading felt like a warm blanket of love. I got acknowledgement for my past, a clearer picture about my present and she gave me the inspiration and motivation that I need to make certain steps for my future. A message from the stars that I am on my purpose path!