New Beginnings

Whew. It's been a minute. After a brief (maybe not so brief hiatus) I have reemerged and am brimming with stories to tell, wisdom to share and a rested ear to listen. For those of you who have been checking and rechecking this site - thank you. You holding me while I took time meant the world. To those of you new and starting to explore - Welcome!

You will see many things shift and change as I continue to unfold into my next incarnation and you can expect this place in the ethers to become a touchstone for the things that light me up, guide my way and give me peace. Yes, Ayurveda, Vedic Astrology, Yoga, Herbalism, Meditation will all be on the docket. In addition to that I will be creating resources for you surrounding eco-conscious, heart based adornment - be it flesh or fibre, as well as recipes, self-care practices and Lunar based (Nakshatra) insights to help you navigate the waters in which we wade. 

I am still taking on Vedic Astrology clients, and am building out several ways we can expand on your initial birth chart reading (if you haven't had one yet, lets meet and make magic!) including Career Consultations, Relationship Compatibility, Muhurta and more. For more info and the link to Sign up, please visit my Work With Me page. 

I also still have availability for 1 more private Mentorship beginning in December, so if you would like to go deeper into your practice - learn about Ayurveda and Astrology and settle deeply into a Spiritually Grounded lifestyle, this is your sign.

Blessings and Mad Love to YOU!

xo, d 

Wherever you are is the entry point.
— Kabir