Full Moon in Libra

     This month’s {Vedic} Full Moon, Wednesday May 10th, comes to us in the form of a Libran scale, activating our desire to both dance and be danced for, all within the realm of luxury and engagement. Full Lunar energies will often amplify the thoughts, feelings and emotions that have been lingering in the wings, patiently waiting for their shot at centre stage. But don’t rush headlong into care-taking and hostessing for others, before being certain you have included yourself in those plans too.

There can be a tendency under this Moon to over-commit, over-extend and temporarily be overcome with the urge to connect.

Perhaps this Moon can be the night you connect inwards, creating an evening of ritual and renewal. Outward rushing almost always equates to an internal race, so lets use this Full Moon in Libra as an opportunity to slow down and create a powerful party for 1. 

    This Full Moon is also exactly opposed our Exalted Sun in Aries, which has been amplifying our desire to be seen and heard in the world, no holds barred.

As this Moon and Sun come into opposition, this is an opportunity to balance our need to be Seen with our ability to Witness. The key phrase here being “Do I want to be right or do I want to be peaceful?”. Can you release the need to shout above the crowd and replace it with a keen ear and an open heart. Mercury is also currently sitting here in Aries, inviting a fiery, driven, fast-paced quality to the thoughts. There can be a tendency with the conjunction of the Sun and Mercury to replay thoughts and conversations in the mind and add a fiery connotation. 'I should have said this, next time I will say that' etc.

Once again, we are visited by the opportunity to assess our mental state and make a choice, can I be peaceful in my communication and listen to the one in front of me. Can I put off being heard in order to hear?

    Furthermore, this Full Moon comes to us in the Nakshatra (Lunar Mansion) of Vishaka, or the Star of Purpose. This can be an excellent time to become very focused on your goal of late, though one word of caution. This star is also associated with the word ‘fixation’ and when opposed an exalted Sun, can translate to obsession or hyper-focus. Be sure to consider all sides, all potentials and vet your ideas - consult others. And be sure to lift your gaze from your project to the sky to witness out beautiful Mama Moon in her full glory. 


    These alignments are in accordance with Vedic Astrology, or Jyotish, which utilizes the Sidereal Zodiac to determine the placements of the planets. There is a 23.8 degree difference between the Western or Tropical Zodiac placements and what we observe from a Vedic standpoint. This 23.8 degree difference creates a (sometimes) full sign shift backwards, which is why when you look to our nightsky, you will actually see this Full Moon fall inside of the sign of Libra and not Scorpio. If you are interested in observing the planetary placements according to the Sidereal or current placements, the smartphone app Skyview is an amazing tool, allowing you to point your phone in any direction and observe the planetary placements in the constellations of our night sky. 



New Beginnings

Whew. It's been a minute. After a brief (maybe not so brief hiatus) I have reemerged and am brimming with stories to tell, wisdom to share and a rested ear to listen. For those of you who have been checking and rechecking this site - thank you. You holding me while I took time meant the world. To those of you new and starting to explore - Welcome!

You will see many things shift and change as I continue to unfold into my next incarnation and you can expect this place in the ethers to become a touchstone for the things that light me up, guide my way and give me peace. Yes, Ayurveda, Vedic Astrology, Yoga, Herbalism, Meditation will all be on the docket. In addition to that I will be creating resources for you surrounding eco-conscious, heart based adornment - be it flesh or fibre, as well as recipes, self-care practices and Lunar based (Nakshatra) insights to help you navigate the waters in which we wade. 

I am still taking on Vedic Astrology clients, and am building out several ways we can expand on your initial birth chart reading (if you haven't had one yet, lets meet and make magic!) including Career Consultations, Relationship Compatibility, Muhurta and more. For more info and the link to Sign up, please visit my Work With Me page. 

I also still have availability for 1 more private Mentorship beginning in December, so if you would like to go deeper into your practice - learn about Ayurveda and Astrology and settle deeply into a Spiritually Grounded lifestyle, this is your sign.

Blessings and Mad Love to YOU!

xo, d 

Wherever you are is the entry point.
— Kabir