You do Yoga. You’ve experienced the benefits, love the clarity it offers you, but at

the end of the day, you have a burning desire for more. You can sense that this is

just a piece of a much bigger puzzle; a puzzle you want to complete. You have a

yearning for a personal guidebook that will help you to unleash all of the

pieces that make you, you. How to not only be more flexible and fluid in your body, but peaceful and passionate in your soul. You know all of the foods that you should eat, all of the ways you should act, all of the things you shouldn’t do, but intuitively you can sense that this “one size fits all”paradigm is missing something. And it is. It’s missing you.

Your unique blend of wild, big-hearted, spicy, authentic you-ness.I know that’s why you’re here, because that’s how I got here, too. 



(but my friends call me Dani and if you're here, that's you).

You may know me as a Ayurvedic Health Coach, Vedic Astrologer or Wild

Woman Yogini, but really, at my core I am just a tender-hearted rebel, on a quest

for truth, exactly like you. I’m so grateful that you are here: My virtual sacred space and your touchstone for wild freedom, and vibrant health. I believe inside of each of us is a desire to feel truly alive. Awake. Attuned to the rhythms of nature deep within and their connection to the Wild World beyond our physical boundaries. A yearning to know more, to feel more. To come home to yourself. To know yourself. That's why you're here. That's why I'm here. 


So that’s what I do. I Dig. And that’s what we’ll do together. Play in the dirt. Let the wind whip our hair. Offer what doesn’t serve us any longer to the fire and watch it float up to the stars, where we will lay back and decode their mysteries. Let the rain wash us clean. 

  • I have not met a pizza I didn’t love
  • I am obsessed with Vintage Fashion (really, vintage anything) and used to sell Vintage Clothing. 
  • In a former life, I studied to work with children who are Deaf and Hard-of Hearing.
  • Ultra-quirky side-bit: I still sometimes dream in Sign Language. I have 7 dogs
  • I think the 2 best accessories for any outfit are brown boots or barefeet 

I am a RYT 200 Kripalu Yoga Instructor, Level 1 Amrit Method Yoga Nidra Facilitator and Ayurvedic Health Educator. I am currently studying with the

California College of Ayurveda towards my Clinical Ayurvedic Specialist certification and have completed courses in Ayurvedic Body Therapies including Marma Therapy, Dough Dam Basti, Abhyanga and Shirodhara. I have also studied with Rod Stryker, Dr. Marc Halpern, Liz Arch, Amy Ippoliti, Yogi Amrit Desai, Jay Fields, Bronwen Kettleson, as well as Harshad and Uchita Thomlinson.