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For the woman who wants it all: Wild Freedom. Vibrant Health. Soulful Bliss.




A yearning to know more, to feel more. 

That's why you're here.  That's why I'm here.

Using Ayurveda, Yoga, Vedic Astrology and my Wild Woman philosophy, we go on a journey together to uncover the pieces hidden within you by dis-ease, domestication and imbalance to reveal vibrant health, wild freedom and a deep understanding of your true nature as spirit. 

They make up the known Universe and the unique magic that is you. Ancient cultures knew that the best way to live in harmony with the planet and seasons was to acknowledge that we are just an extension of Nature. Learning to live with her ebb and flow is the

key to a radiant, balanced life. We each desire to be truly alive. Fully awake. Finely attuned to the rhythms of nature inside you and their connection to the Wild World beyond your physical boundaries. 


Discover your Elemental constitution. Unveil your Astrological potential. Claim your Wild Woman birthright. 


Featured Musings

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Yogini, wife, hobby-farmer, Woods Woman, lover of the moon and stars and an excavator of truth. I spend most of my days deep in the heart of the British Columbia interior, mixing up ancient ayurvedic potions, coaching kick-ass women, guiding sacred movement and unravelling the mysteries of the stars. To add to that, I am also a massive dog-lover, obsessive book fanatic and have an unresolved case of Wanderlust.